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Looking for more information about Karatbars? I ended up with two Karatbar review sites and decided to make one into a Karatbars teambuild.

I have invested in many other online opportunities and even invested in penny stocks and day traded the SP Emini. I recognized Karatbars as a perfect hedging opportunity right away with my trading background. I realize Many don’t even know there is such a thing as a USD chart and as USD goes down Gold goes up.

There has been no other affiliate pay plan quite like the one Karatbars has.  With Karatbars, we get paid unlimited levels down. So, what that means to me is as I work everyday building deep below everyone, more and more will see results and get even MORE excited.

How do you know you can trust Karatbars International? Karatbars is located in Germany and they have an office coming to wall-street. They are very strict in germany when it comes to starting/operating a business. ( Each business must be registered/audited)  Karatbars’s product is real spendable grade gold ( With four refineries and from one of the few mines that have met the LBMA stringent requirements ) You can have the gold delivered to your door via fed-ex or have it stored there for free. I trust the gold in my hands more than any other online program or politician.

I like how Karatbars has a prepaid Mastercard linked to our account. Our Karatbars commissions get loaded onto the Card each week and we can liquidate our gold and it goes onto the Karatbars prepaid card.

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